Saturday, November 19, 2011


 Today was an awesome day. Today, a group of Unimas students have seated for Malaysian University English Test or knows as Muet. This exam is a must for students who wish to pursue a higher education in degree later on in life. For us who is still in Foundation or Asasi, we need to get at least band 4 or higher so that we can skip English Preparatory class and we able to choose other language subject as an extra subject.

 This morning, i set up the alarm at 5.30am, guess what? I snoozed it until 6.00am. Luckily for me this morning, the saturday morning traffic was light and my dad able to reach Unimas in about roughly 45 minutes.

For the 1st reading test, my hand shivering because my seat is directly in front of the air conditioner. Almost to the point of freezing i should say. The question was confusing enough and there is not much time. Barely have enough time to double check my answer. Frankly speaking, i was quite satisfied with it.

The writing test was okay. I did not remember how many pages i wrote but lucky for me, i wrote question 2 first rather than question 1 as question 2 carry more marks. Hopefully, the one who check my paper will like my essay.

For the last listening test, the most fun test among all, the invigilator even make a joke for us. Telling that the paper given is for scribbling, not for drawing cartoons. The question are quite simple and straight to the point. Nothing much actually, hoping that i did not do any careless mistakes.

I hope to get band 4 or higher, i really do. I want to take mandarin as the extra language subject during my degree courses later.

Well, that's all for now peeps. Happy holidays and all the best of to you in life :) peace out XD


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