Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gawai Celebration

     Gawai celebration is a festival that is uniquely available at Sarawak. It is celebrated on 1 June every year.
 The best thing for me during the Gawai is visiting or 'ngabang' in Iban language. Today, I visted my friends house. First, I went to my big bro's house.. Paul. I ate lots of food at his house. Sadly, din manage to take any photo. 

Next house was my scandal/sister house, Grace XD *his bf gonna kill me if he knows* *joking2* Again, eaten a lot a her house. Later, she brought us to her long house at kampung benuk. Here are some pics for you guys to see. Kampung Benuk's longhouse is quite unique because the longhouse is like a pathway connecting a lot of houses in the area.

 Here are some pictures for you guys to see.

We have arrived at Grace's longhouse at kampung benuk

~Sitting at the longhouse veranda while playing gongs~ 

~ Walking down the bamboo bridge~
Big Bro Paul modeling in front of the offering, which is a pig's tail..
My sis modeling in front of the river near the kampung benuk
The offering at the longhouse

Overall, the day was fun and tiring because we did walked for quite some distance from the place we parked and the longhouse. Hopefully next year i can go again to the longhouse :D

Some of the pictures is credited to my brother, Paul


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