Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bako National Park

    People sometimes say, having a holiday outside Malaysia is the best, i might agree with those guys but that doesn't mean that we should neglect our own country since our own country, Malaysia has it's own unique vacation spots.

  Last Sunday, my old friends from my former school decides to hangout and want to enjoy ourselves. In the process of brainstorming for ideas for places to go, we decided that we go to Bako since most of us never been to Bako before. 

The boat journey to Bako

The boat ride took about 20 minutes. It was very very very windy not to mention hazy. Our guide is really friendly and was very entertaining in explaining to us about the park itself.

Some scenery while on the way to the Bako

The rock that we can only sit during the low tide

The wild boar that welcomes us to the park.

The most naughty monkey in the park 

The monkey and it's baby 

Proboscis Monkey 

 During the journey to find the flying lemur, the guide explained to us about a lot plants we encounter on the at the trail. I learned a lot things, i found out that the thorns of pokok rebung is used as the bullet for the blowpipe.

Flying Lemur

The trail that we took

The low tide reveals some dead trees

The Tongkat Ali tree. It took a man to pull this tree.

Mount Santubong at a quite hazy view

At the beach

The seaweed at a small hole at the rock

The rock as seen on TV commercial 

Overall, it was a great day for me because it was my first time visiting Bako National Park. I hope i might be able to visit it again someday.


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