Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday during the exams season

 Well, the exams are over on the 11.11.11, it's quite a good day to end the exam but little that most of the people who is taking the exam know that on the exam week was my birthday. >.< So, moderate celebration was held at the famous siang-siang restaurant at the old DI. Thanks to my friend who sponsored me the dinner. It was fun making jokes about each other and laugh our hearts out.  Sadly, no photos were taken that night as everyone's mind was on studying for tomorrow's paper. At least, we did release some our stress and tension that night. 

This picture was taken at CAIS Barat during our study week. More like not enough rest week to me because stay up late and wake up early to catch the early bus to  go there.

It's holiday season now and i have been wondering what should i do. One of the thoughts i have in my mind is to revive this dead blog so that i could earn a bit and hopefully can cash-out my cash during this one month holiday. What that i'm certain is that, i will miss my friend a lot during this holiday. The bonds among us is so close until it feels like something is missing when some of us left for their home. I tear up a bit when my baby went to KK for the holiday. The night after the exam was over, it was our last hangout session at the the 24 hour study room or in our slang, 'caising' which means stays up until 3-4 am at the 24 hour study room. Gonna miss the hell a lot of them right now.
This is the present that i received from my aunt. apparently, they gave it to my parents when they attend one of my aunt's wedding. Thank you to them :)

That's all for now. Peace out :D 


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