Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Marriage Of Two

A Marriage Of Two
Is For Love That Is True
A Marriage Of Two
Is Always Something New

A Marriage Of Two
Happens Out Of The Blue
A Marriage Of Two
Is Worth It Even When Its Due

A Marriage Of Two
Is A Marriage Of Trust
Many Can Find Themselves Last
Care Less Of Whatever Happened In The Past

They Are Only Very Few

Who Would have A Clue
Of When Love Struck You
And Unite The Love Of Two

A Marriage Of Two Is About Love Making
It Is Not About Money Ranking
A Marriage Of Two Can Be Bad
You Should Only Be Glad
If A Marriage Of Two
Is For Love That Is True


This is poem is created by my friend. He want me to post in my blog. So, hope you guys enjoy it and i'll see u again next time. Peace out =D

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I wonder

A little too much IF, 
A little too much WHY,
Making it harder to believe,
As the time pass by..

Ain't that easy for me to be sure,
With all of this feeling or unsecure,
Wished for an asnwer all the way,
For this burden to be washed away....

Wonder will this pain ever dissappear,
or do i have to wait forever,
living in this silence and fear,
Through days, months and years....

Can no more cry,
Have no more tears,
Never should've try,
Catching on thrown spears...

I'm sorry heart,
For all the misery...
It's a story for you to figure out,
Or forever be a mystery...

done by suzhaimiz



Saturday, November 26, 2011

15 facts about caffeine in our coffee

 Hello there people =) today, i'm gonna share to you some of the  facts about the stuff that we humans have always been drinking for a long time. Some of the facts stated down here would really be an eye opener for some of you people. So, please enjoy reading this while drinking a cup of coffee

p/s: i'm a caffeine addict, if i din get a cup of coffee in the morning, probably i'll be looking like this owl whole day long.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


 Today was an awesome day. Today, a group of Unimas students have seated for Malaysian University English Test or knows as Muet. This exam is a must for students who wish to pursue a higher education in degree later on in life. For us who is still in Foundation or Asasi, we need to get at least band 4 or higher so that we can skip English Preparatory class and we able to choose other language subject as an extra subject.

 This morning, i set up the alarm at 5.30am, guess what? I snoozed it until 6.00am. Luckily for me this morning, the saturday morning traffic was light and my dad able to reach Unimas in about roughly 45 minutes.

For the 1st reading test, my hand shivering because my seat is directly in front of the air conditioner. Almost to the point of freezing i should say. The question was confusing enough and there is not much time. Barely have enough time to double check my answer. Frankly speaking, i was quite satisfied with it.

The writing test was okay. I did not remember how many pages i wrote but lucky for me, i wrote question 2 first rather than question 1 as question 2 carry more marks. Hopefully, the one who check my paper will like my essay.

For the last listening test, the most fun test among all, the invigilator even make a joke for us. Telling that the paper given is for scribbling, not for drawing cartoons. The question are quite simple and straight to the point. Nothing much actually, hoping that i did not do any careless mistakes.

I hope to get band 4 or higher, i really do. I want to take mandarin as the extra language subject during my degree courses later.

Well, that's all for now peeps. Happy holidays and all the best of to you in life :) peace out XD

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



I got this video from my facebook newsfeed and after i watched it. While watching it,  i did not realise, tears came rolling down my cheek. now, i must share this to the world XD hehehe, dun blame me if you cried or sad after watching this. I'm just the messenger. 

After i watched this video, i wondered to myself, what if one day i face this kind of situation, what will i do, will just stay locked up in my room and be sad all day long until i feel better. Only God will know what i'll do if this situation happened to me. *touchwood* 

all i have to say about this video is that the storyline is good. The sadness can really be felt by the audience. Bravo and congratulations to the maker of this video for making me realise that we should cherish everyone that we love because who knows what will happen in the future. :)

That's all for tonight peeps. I'll update again tomorrow morning if God wills it :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday during the exams season

 Well, the exams are over on the 11.11.11, it's quite a good day to end the exam but little that most of the people who is taking the exam know that on the exam week was my birthday. >.< So, moderate celebration was held at the famous siang-siang restaurant at the old DI. Thanks to my friend who sponsored me the dinner. It was fun making jokes about each other and laugh our hearts out.  Sadly, no photos were taken that night as everyone's mind was on studying for tomorrow's paper. At least, we did release some our stress and tension that night. 

This picture was taken at CAIS Barat during our study week. More like not enough rest week to me because stay up late and wake up early to catch the early bus to  go there.

It's holiday season now and i have been wondering what should i do. One of the thoughts i have in my mind is to revive this dead blog so that i could earn a bit and hopefully can cash-out my cash during this one month holiday. What that i'm certain is that, i will miss my friend a lot during this holiday. The bonds among us is so close until it feels like something is missing when some of us left for their home. I tear up a bit when my baby went to KK for the holiday. The night after the exam was over, it was our last hangout session at the the 24 hour study room or in our slang, 'caising' which means stays up until 3-4 am at the 24 hour study room. Gonna miss the hell a lot of them right now.
This is the present that i received from my aunt. apparently, they gave it to my parents when they attend one of my aunt's wedding. Thank you to them :)

That's all for now. Peace out :D 

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Who has cashed out from lately?

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Friday, November 4, 2011

WATCH: Share the Love Finale Concert @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

WATCH: Share the Love Finale Concert @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus.: Watch the finale for Share the Love movement... it has been a heart-felt journey. The RM5,000 was donated to support World Food Day on behalf of Fatin, the proud winner of Share the Love singing contest. We can all do our part in STOPPING HUNGER!

WATCH: Share the Love Finale Concert @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

Immortals - 2011

Immortals - 2011: Theseus is a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity.Immortals - 2011 For more info click here :D 2011